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New Year Sail - 18th Annual Sales Manager Work Conference Held

Time:2018-07-05 │ Views:  

On January 13, 2018, the work conference of ASSA Helai Guoqiang Hardware 2018 Sales Manager was held in the multi-function hall on the fourth floor of Guoqiang Hardware. More than 100 people from various office managers, regional managers, relevant internal department managers and company executives attended the meeting.

At the meeting, 100 participants discussed the 2018 Sales Management Plan and the 18-year Action Plan. At the same time, the participants started group discussions according to the organizational division. The group discussion topics are mainly focused on helping to rectify and share advanced experience. The meeting and discussion laid a solid foundation for the completion of the company's 2018 business objectives.

General Manager Li Jingfang made a summary analysis of the 2017 work at the meeting and made strategic arrangements for the sales work in 2018. In his speech, he pointed out that the sales team should do front-to-back interaction, attach importance to team building, make full use of team strength and the Group's technology and capital advantages, and ultimately achieve sales growth and overall improvement of the company's comprehensive management level.

The 18th Annual Sales Manager Work Conference has now come to a successful conclusion. I hope that the success of the conference will be a good start for the 18th year of sales work, and set sail in the new year.