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Guoqiang Hardware unveiled the 22nd Plastic Door and Window Exhibition

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On April 14, 2017, the 22nd National Plastic Doors and Windows Industry Annual Conference and Plastic Doors, Windows and Related Products Exhibition was grandly opened at the Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was hosted by the China Building Metal Structure Association Plastic Door and Window Committee, and Guoqiang Hardware hosted and participated in the exhibition.

This annual meeting is not only a grand event of friendship, but also a grand event to create the future. Guoqiang Hardware attaches great importance to this rare exchange opportunity, learns from each other and explores each other, and puts forward new requirements for the company's future development direction. During the exhibition, the company and projects that made outstanding contributions in 2016 were also commended. The company's "plastic window with internal hanging and hanging hardware system", "plastic window with internal flat hardware system (two-way transmission + hidden hinge) ", "Plastic ventilated hardware system for plastic window", "Plastic opening and lowering hardware system for plastic window (outer opening actuator + sling)", "Plug for plastic door" has been awarded "Promotion and application of preferred products" "title.

On the first day of the Guoqiang Hardware Exhibition Zone, a large number of merchants came to visit and exchange. The exhibition area not only displays the most distinctive product series of Guoqiang Hardware, but also shares the application skills and experience of door and window hardware on the building doors and windows.

During the exhibition, the leaders of the association came to the Guoqiang exhibition hall for technical exchanges and spoke highly of the company's development philosophy of energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon, and fully affirmed the company's active promotion of building energy conservation and door and window industry development.

Over the years, as the co-organizer of the plastic door and window industry annual meeting, Guoqiang Hardware will continue to provide high-quality products and services to the industry, setting a benchmark for the sustainable and healthy development of the plastic door and window industry.