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In 2017, pick up your sleeves and cheer!

Time:2018-07-05 │ Views:  

The New Year holiday is over, how to let the employees of all departments of the company get their hearts back! With full work enthusiasm, we are actively involved in all kinds of work. Let us see how the Shijiazhuang area is done?

Carry out expansion activities, team formation, open heart and active participation.

Solidarity, mutual courage, test of courage and confidence

The heart is called the team together, the people are called gangs together, the team is not blowing out!

Sign the mission and believe that you will complete new tasks and meet the new challenges of 2017. Come on!

New year, start a new journey!

With a full spirit, full of enthusiasm, full of enthusiasm, the collective oath of the way to open a new glory in the 2017 ASSA ABLOY Guoqiang Hardware Shijiazhuang area! Further enhance the sense of honor, responsibility and mission of Guoqiang people!
Look, everyone's face is full of pride and pride. In 2017, let's pick up our sleeves and cheer! Guoqiang’s tomorrow will definitely be even better!